Thursday, January 31, 2013

Make A Statement

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Class Post: Presentation

From the few blog posts I have done it is clear that I follow a myriad of sources to stay current with the fashion world. I follow each of these sources for different reasons. They are all unique and bring something different to the table. Choosing the source I would present in class was simple. Woman's Wear Daily (WWD) is an essential website for the elite fashion forward. They are constantly updating their readers with information about designers, fashion week, runways and fashion drama (which happens more than you may think). For example: What major designer jumped couture houses? or Who is the next big name to partner with a low end retailer? These are the types of answers you get when stumbling across the posts of WWD
WWD is important to me because it is property of Fairchild Fashion Media. FFM is a unit of 

Condé Nast. And since one of my dreams is to work for a Conde Nast publication it only makes

sense I would indulge in their resources. 

Whats interesting about WWD is that it charges 35 cents a day to view most (not all) of its content. Once a member you are able to post comments under stories. WWD utilizes many social media platforms (listed below). I think this is key in attempting to gain new readers and give current readers a different way to interact with them. Whether it be retweeting, Facebook comments or utilizing Tumblr, the WWD audience has a plethora of options. 
Since it has such rich information and breaking news coverage it is hard to say what can be improved about WWD. I do think since it serves as a blogging site/ news site it can come across as busy. Its not that user friendly. Although links at the top are somewhat easy to navigate it could definitely be toned down. 
Since I thought it was essential to show you a major fashion website I will show you two other sites that prove as equally useful but bring something else to their readers along with fashion news and style.  
The Everygirl is for every women. This site puts together great products from boutiques and brand names all over the country and showcases them in singular posts.  The Everygirl  also features strong, independent, business women who are succeeding in their field and love doing so. These women come from anywhere and everywhere. They inspire others, particularly me. They do a great job utlizing social media and are one of the hottest new sources to follow.
The Man Repeller is part cynic part fashion trendsetter. She posts hilarious pictures, covers runway fashion and does it in a way thats never been done.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Class Post: Live Tweeting the SAG Awards

The Screen Actors Guild Awards took place this year on Sunday, January 27, 2013. The SAG's are one of the biggest award shows to watch among the Oscars and Golden Globes. For 2 hours, prior to the televised award show, many tune in to witness the fashion faux -pax's on the red carpet. 

Although there are many to choose from I selected the E! Network to follow along as the stars arrived. Giuliana Rancic, E! News Anchor, and Kelly Osbourne, E! Fashion Police Commentator, were there to talk to the nominated actors and actresses. 

I live tweeted about the dresses and designers. It was essential I follow other fashion publications and celebrities because I was able to retweet and engage with them. This gave me the option of covering people I may not have seen or things that happened on the red carpet that E! was not able to cover.

I was hoping to let my followers know what designers the stars were wearing and any details about their jewelry, manicure or hair. I also tweeted about trends. I commented on color trends (black, navy blue and red dresses), hair trends (side parts and shimmery tresses) and anything else that caught my eye. 

Sometimes I found it difficult to record the designers name and many times the actor's tux designers were never mentioned. All-in-all many of the celebrities knew who they were wearing and it was easy to cover.

The SAG Awards showcase outstanding performances in film and television from the past year. Over 100,000 active members of the actors union "SAG-AFTRA" receive voting information and select outstanding performances by their peers. It is the only award show on national network television to highlight the work of a union. 

It aired live on TNT and TBS

Look of the Day: Blizzard Blue

Look of the Day

Look of the Day: Marc by Marc Jacobs Jeans // Jean-Michel Cazabat high heels // Loeffler Randall zip bag // Gorjana pendant jewelry // Giorgio Armani logo sunglasses

Frosty temperatures mean frosty colors! Even though January has brought us some freezing cold weather, snow flakes and icicles are just what we need for some winter inspiration. This blizzard blue concoction has a fresh, cool mint feeling to it that wont wash you out. The pop of color from the Loeffler Randall zip bag, in coral, reminds us that sunny days and warmer temperatures are ahead. 

Crayon Color Match Up: Blizzard Blue.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Twitter Top Ten

When it comes to fashion trends, news and features there are many outlets and sources that you can go to. I have many that I draw inspiration from. They range from major fashion blogs to magazines and even department stores. Above all the Twitter handles that I follow are really good at promoting their brand while engaging with their followers. Social media is self explanatory. The point is to socialize with others; whether that be sharing ideas, giving advice or breaking new information. I have a countless selection but narrowing it down to 10 was simple purely based on their types of tweets. They all contain three important things that I find essential on Twitter. 
1. They produce content in 140 characters that promotes their brand or style
2. They retweet and follow other important new sources proving their gentility in the fashion industry 
3. They engage with followers 

1 @ManRepeller : This Twitter account is hilarious, original and fashionable. The name of the handle belongs to Leandra Medine who thinks that real fashion at times can repel members of the opposite sex. The Twitter handle comes from her very popular fashion blog: The Man Repeller. She tweets at followers, retweets witty remarks, advertises new blog content and is an icon in the blogosphere. She is even featured in The Coveteur’s video from my previous post.
Followers: 122,607

2 @Bergdorfs : This Twitter account stems from the prominent department store located in New York City, Bergdorf Goodman. BG sells the most exclusive, expensive, top of the line couture pieces that come straight from the runway. The Twitter handle is essential to follow in order to gain insider information and behind-the-scenes photo and video to top designers and their new lines. They even feature tutorials on beauty, make up and accessories.
Followers: 153, 838

3 @voguemagazineVogue is one of the leading international fashion magazines. Their editors are world-renowned and their editorial spreads to – die – for. Literally. Their Twitter handle informs readers about new fashion trends and links to their blog and website. They retweet top designers and share major fashion moments with their followers, hoping to garner new readers.
Followers: 2,170,552

@ELLEmagazine : Elle Magazine is one of the leading magazines in fashion. They are similar to Vogue in terms of linking back to their website and blog. They also break major fashion news and retweet their own editors and celebrities.
Followers: 1,402,084
5 @VanityFair :  Following behind Elle and Vogue with followers is surprising. other than fashion Vanity Fair also includes major features about politics, culture and hard news stories. They feature videos and slideshows and provide commentary on their daily blog. They rarely retweet or respond to their followers, however. I couldn't leave them out purely based on the essential fashion news they provide. 
Followers: 899, 924

@LaurenConrad : Lauren Conrad is reality star turned fashion designer and New York Times best-selling author. And to be honest: she’s my favorite person ever. Her tweets consist of links her to fashion and beauty blog. They contain Instagram snapshots of do-it-yourself projects and links to her favorite new online shopping sites. It’s a guilty pleasure that’s really helped me find a balanced mix between high end and low end designers.
Followers: 2,964,146

7. @womensweardaily : The number one source for fashion news, breaking news and fashion information is WWD. They have a blog and website dedicated to the most pertinent and important news in fashion on a daily basis.
Followers: 2,196,827

8. @katespadeny : Used primarily for advertising purposes, Kate Spade NY is a fashion/ clothing company that is constantly outdoing themselves on branding. Coming up with new ideas, setting trends on their website and giving tips on their blog, Kate Spade’s Twitter handle is fun to follow.
Followers: 376,630

9. @styledotcom: I would compare closely to WWD. They feature photos of every outfit that walks down the runway at fashion week, all over the world. They break fashion news and are updating readers on beauty trends, accessories, people, parties and fashion shows. They use many types of social media platforms to connect with followers.
Followers: 496,599
10. @BlairEadieBEEBlair Eadie is the author of the fashion blog Atlantic Pacific that I mentioned in my previous post. Since she is a merchandiser at Tory Burch, a prominent fashion house, her blog is focused on her opinion of whats trending. Many of the products featured on her blog are styled by her. She is very well known in the industry.
Followers: 28,160

Monday, January 21, 2013

Class Post : Rachel Kossman

On Friday, January 17th, Rachel Kossman, a Northeastern University alum, joined our class as a guest speaker. The L.A. native has just returned from a three month trip across South America. As she traveled she blogged about her amazing experiences.

Wearing fabulous, tall, leather, brown boots and a warm, infinity scarf, Rachel held on tight to her white Starbucks cup while explaining how important her blog is to her online portfolio. With hopes of becoming a travel journalist Rachel writes about food, culture, clothing and people.

She explained that before embarking on her trip she had three co-ops and held a job at Tech Target for a year. She said that while at Tech Target she learned how important Google AdWords and Google Analytics . She has implemented these tools, and many others, into her own work to create a successful online presence. Truly inspiring!

Link Love

Link Love is a post I have created to direct my readers to indulge in the wonderful blogs and sites that I draw inspiration from. Taking five from my blogroll I am including a little background for each.

Luella & June is a fashion and lifestyle blog written by Bradley Agather. Bradley posts weekly inspiration about her favorite things and people. Like many fashion bloggers, she also includes photos of self-styled outfits. 

Atlantic- Pacific  is written by Blair Eadie, a merchandise manager at Tory Burch. Her posts  only include self-styled photographs with links to featured clothing and jewelry. She has gotten incredible coverage and is supported by major designers. 

The Coveteur is a behind-the-scenes look at fashion icons, models, actors and business owners who excel in their fields and look good doing it. The people behind this website love good style. Recently they relaunched their blog as The Coveteur 2.0. For the relaunch they created a 'mini couture' youtube video of the biggest fashion icons and celebrities in the business. 

See the video here:

The Everygirl is fabulous. Created by Alaina Kaczmarski and Danielle Moss, friends and graphic designers, who came together in 2010 to create a "life map for everygirls everywhere." Their posts provide advice for twenty- somethings, fashion tips and feature articles on empowering women. Based out of Chicago, The Everygirl was nominated by Forbes as Top 10 sites for Millennial Women in 2012.

Breakfast at Toast is a personal blog by Everygirl  creator Danielle Moss. Her blog juxtaposes The Everygirl website because it is purely a personal outlet for Moss. She writes about her obsession with CrossFit, her paleo-diet and the secrets to organizing her crazy, busy life.

All of these websites are created by fashion forward, motivational business women who take the time out of their crazy schedules to share their successful tips with us. Here's to hoping my blog is half as amazing is theirs! Enjoy. 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Tickle Me Pink


Tickle Me Pink is a blog that is dedicated to fashion and lifestyle. Much like the well followed creative outlets of Bradley, Jules & Blair, I will be using my own style to create unique posts about trends, fashion news, special products and more. Tickle Me Pink is appropriately named after my favorite color in the crayon box (c'mon everyone remembers theirs, right?). In addition, I will be using my blog to feature other class assignment posts for my Reinventing the News class at Northeastern University. My hopes are to continue the blog long after the class ends so follow along!