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Storify: The Future of Fashion

11:24 PM

The Future of Fashion? Low End & High End Designers Collaborate

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I based my Storify on the future of fashion. As of late many high end design houses are teaming up with low end labels to create budget- friendly clothing lines, bridal gowns, jewelry and more. It seems everyday a new collaboration is happening and people are starting to notice. While many of the tweets and Facebook comments from social media users are amped about the idea, news stories seem weary. 

Some of the collaborations have already proved a lucrative success and that may be the reason so many designers are ready to follow suit. But at what cost? Most designers pride themselves on creating one of a kind couture pieces that cost thousands of dollars. Although many cannot afford such creations the runways are full of them. And people notice. Many retailers emulate these designs creating affordable copy cats for the masses. 

If the designers cut this step by creating affordable lines what is the future of fashion? Many weigh in on my storify to name the next collaborators and discuss whether or not this is positive for the future.