Class Post: Mary Knox Merrill on Video & Photography

9:21 PM

"Persistance is key."

Last Friday Mary Knox Merrill joined our class to introduce us to the world of video and photography. Previously with the Christian Science Monitor, Merrill is now at Northeastern and is in charge of media relations. 

She told us in order to make your subject feel comfortable you need to get familiar with the technology you are using. You need to garner different types of shots - close ups, medium and wide shots - in order to create an important story.

Photo Tips:
1. Variety of images and b-roll: tight, medium, wide, high, medium, low
2. Change your perspective
3. Composition: rule of thirds
4. Portrait
5. Details 
6. Get close
7. Get comfortabele with your subject
8. Keep still
9. Edit on a computer not your phone!
10. You can never have enough

With phones light your subject well.

Video Tips:
1. Let the action unfold in the frame
2. Anticipate the action
3. Watching, then get in front of the action
4. Go for repetitive motion instead of one time action
5. Video activities that will speak to video
6. Variety is key
7. Storyboard: Have a plan of action
8. Ask open ended questions