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Class Post: Josh Stearns on Storify

9:25 PM

"Prioritize being right over being first" 

John Stearns skyped into our classroom Friday, February 1st to teach us the importance of Storify, especially as an essental tool for journalists. 

Stearns works for Free Press, a national organization, dedicated to media reform. He explained that Storify is an incredible place to capture and archive conversations on the web. It is a journalism tool that builds on traditional structures. It focuses on live events and covers them in longer forms.

Storify allows the journalist to bring many sources together to create a story untold like ever before. It is a research tool, a public story, a real-time reaction to current events.

The original vision of Storify was for long form text based articles. People created stories from it using social media and thus began a balance of the two.

Storify is a multi-media story telling platform that captures extended conversations, slideshows, and is a collection of book marks. It is a database to track news on a topic. It is a mix of social media conversations with the option of including an authors voice. 

Verified Sources through Twitter for Storify: 
- You can confirm with sources on the ground in real time. Asking them via social media: Did you see the event occur? Can you confirm this happened? (You can find these sources via hashtags and geo location).
- You can contact news orginzations – editors and publishers that are either covering the event or have people covering the event. 
- You can contact journalists themselves via twitter etc. 

Then you can combine all of the voices into one real story that shares the conversation on one topic through many perspectives. 

Stearns advice on being a journalist:
- be the historical, trusted, final first
- balance being right over being first